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64 Cradock Str , George
P.O.Box 12106 Garden Route Mall
Tel/Fax: 044 874 2972
Cell: 082 566 4202
Email:[email protected]
Vat. 4330237381

Cancellation Policy:
  • 20% cancellation fee on more than 14 days notification
  • 50% cancellation fee on less that 14 days notification
  • Moving of booking date due to unforeseen circumstances, no fee involved.


1. The Hirer undertakes to ensure that there is adequate access and area available for
the equipment hired, and will also provide the required electrical supply, and own
water-hoses where applicable.
2. *The Hirer/school will take full responsibility for supervision (no supervisor no play) of
children using equipment hired, Strict safety compliance herewith simultaneously
indemnify Garden Route Paintball/ Ockert Taylor against any claim that may be made
against Garden Route paintball / Ockert Taylor arising out of any damage sustained by
any person utilizing the item or motor/blower.
3. Although every effort is made by the operators to maintain safety, it is the responsibility of the
Hirer to place adequate signs, warning patrons that the equipment is used at their own risk. Any
event organizer will have to make sure that their own Public Liability is in place, as this will fall
into the venue’s responsibility, and organize their own ride safe certificates ect.
4. / Garden Route paintball, Ockert Taylor the agent, and any of the employees, will
NOT be held responsible for the death, injury, loss or otherwise to any person using the
equipment supplied, whether supplied through an Agent or not. ( the hirer must make
sure that premises where function is held has Public Liability in place)
5. The Hirer will be responsible for any damage to the equipment whilst it is in their
possessions whether malicious or otherwise, but excluding fair wear and tear.
6. /Garden Route Paintball reserves the right to change any item if necessary (due to
breakages, damages ect) for any other item available, as long as it is of the same value
or greater.
7. Supervision by an adult or trained attendant is required in attendance at all times.
8. Attendants shall make all riders aware of safety rules of the inflatable equipment.
9. Entry to the ride should be done so in an orderly and controlled manner.
10. No riders allowed on ride while it is being inflated or deflated.
11. /Garden Route Paintball has the right not to inflate equipment in case of heavy
winds, or deflate equipment in heavy winds or any dangerous conditions, and will not be
held liable for any loss of income in that period. ALWAYS SAFETY FIRST ! !
12. The Hirer undertakes to ensure that the electrical Power supply point is well earthed and that the earth leakage is in full working condition

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